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Penalty Shoot Out by Playtech

About Penalty Shoot Out

Penalty Shoot Out is a classic instant win game, designed by leading online casino software developer, Playtech. Of course, this instant win title is all about football, more specifically, penalty shoot outs. The basic objective of this title, as you can tell, is to strike the ball past the keeper and score a goal. Penalty Shoot Out is a fixed odds game, with the prizes you can win wholly dependent on how much you wager to kick-off win – pun intended!

How to play

Once your bet is stake, the player must click on the shot buttons. They then have a number of options open to them. They could aim for the lower corners of the goal, aim for the centre of the net, or shoot it high up into the top corners. Each area of the goal is worth a specific multiplier against their stake. With your shot lined up, click on the kick button to take it.

If the ball finds its way into the back of the net, then the player has scored a goal and will be paid out the appropriate odds, which were determined beforehand. If the keeper saves the penalty, or if the player misses, then the gamer loses, and nothing is paid out.

You will note that on the right hand side of the screen is a keeper history screen. This details where a player decided to put their previous shots, and how the keeper fared. This is useful to glance at from time to time, to perhaps ensure that you don’t keep putting the ball into the same spot too often. It is actually unverified how well the keeper “remembers” your preferences for shooting, though. Rigorous testing wouldn’t tell us this, but we are assuming it is random!

Wagering and prizes

Players can wager anything from a low of just 0.10 per kick on this slot. However, if you’re gutsy and want a really nervous Penalty Shoot Out experience – akin to real life – then why not wager a little more? Maximum wagers can rise up to 100.00 per kick in this fixed odds, instant win game.

Shooting in the bottom corners of the goal will always offer 3x multipliers, whilst aiming at the centre of the goal is worth a 5x multiplier. Shooting into the top corners promises 12x multipliers, though success rates are low.

Final thoughts

For what it is, the Penalty Shoot Out instant win game is quite entertaining. It is also infuriating and suspenseful at the same time, just like the real thing. Most footy fans will like having a crack at this Playtech title.

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