List of top USA online casinos

List of top USA online casinos

Since players from the United States do not have the opportunity of playing at every online gambling platform, we created this special page just for them. Rather than wasting time browsing through the casino reviews and checking whether a venue accepts players from the USA or not, you can simply visit this page and find what you are looking for.

Here we put together a list of the best US online casinos for an exciting and safe game. We offer the latest and exclusive information on each casino. It will help you make the best choice based on your preferences: a game type, language, payment and cashout methods, large bonuses and opportunities to hit the jackpot. You'll be able to see how each of them ranks on our list according to a number of very strict criteria.

Select the best online games like favorite and casinos in the world are available to USA players who love to gamble.

US Online Casinos

It has been pointed out that US territory has not been under optimal weather and climate when it comes to growth and development of online casino establishments. While this is true, US soil is still considered fertile and practically welcoming future harvests.

As ridiculous as it sounds, this is the truth, since the US online casino, and gambling market, in general, has been one of the driving powers in the industry back when it first started. The late 90s and early 2000s saw the most massive rise in US online casino, poker rooms and similar online gambling platforms that continued to prosper and expand to global frameworks. Nonetheless, the situation in the US, specifically, took a turn for the worse due to legal disputes and resolutions explained below.

Online Gambling Laws in the USA

With the latest resolutions by the Supreme Court and regulatory policies by individual states, online gambling laws are looking to create more benevolent conditions for future prosperity. However, in order to get a full understanding of the situation and how it came about, potential interested players are advised to review the chronological progression of legal acts and their influence.

  • The Wire Act of 1961 - Regardless of the fact that this act existed and was enforced long before the Internet, let alone online casino websites, there is a section in its text that has been interpreted to refer to this practice. The Wire Act was originally passed as a way to regulate betting and gambling activities in individual states, and prevent any outside interference. In order to ensure this, the act contains a passage referring to the unlawfulness of any wire transmission of such intent to gamble, during which one party is obliged to give money and the other profits from it. Despite it being a loose interpretation of “wire” and other such expressions, it took its toll on the industry.
  • The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006 - Considering that this Act was enforced in the midst of the golden years of US online gambling, its detrimental effect is quite possibly second to none. What is more, most of the blame and thus punishment were to be directed at the operators that set up shop on US soil and their software providers, rather than players themselves. This caused the industry giants to retract all liaisons with US player pool and move their operations to risk-free territories. On the other hand, new off-shore based and licensed operators emerged and took over the massively unexploited US player pools. The same bold move was made by select software companies the likes of Rival, Real Time Gaming, Saucify and more, emphasized here.
  • Individual State Laws - Individual states in the USA are also entitled to create their own sets of laws regarding the regulation of online gambling practices. For this purpose, states have established some form of standard that would act as a guideline - should the outcome of the activity you are staking on be determined based on chance alone, it shouldn't be legal. However, should the outcome depend on some degree of player skill that could alter it one way or another, it is legally justified. While there is a thin line as RealMoneyAction has stated in their article, State Gambling Laws in the USA.

Getting Started with US Online Casino Action

Players believe that, once they have determined the legality of the issue, all that is left to do is pick the suitable online casino. While this is true, it is also easier said than done, particularly due to the off-shore operators resulting from the situation. A good approach to online casino action in the US is a cautious one at best, considering all the functionalities of the platform and the ways in which it can benefit you, some of which are regularly noted at WizardOfOdds US-dedicated articles as well as keeping track of any novelties regarding the matter. Reading reviews and being up-to-date on related news and reliable rankings the likes of Casino Listings and the present ones above, paired with the key considerations expressed below, should equip players sufficiently.


1. Are off-shore online casinos licensed and regulated by any jurisdiction?

- Yes, even though the US government has portrayed genuine effort, there is still a lack of regulatory body, which is why US-oriented gambling sites are regulated on other territories. The World Casino Directory lists Costa Rica as one such option, but there are definitely more.

2. What is the legal gambling age in the US?

- While it may vary across states, as well as the game variant - slots, bingo, poker - the generally accepted legal age in the US is 21.

3. Can you play Blackjack in the US? and do you recommend it?

- Yes, blackjack is available at all casinos, some even have a live option with a real dealer
- If you do want to play blackjack we recommend you read a guide like this one: Playing Online Blackjack for a Living

4. What payment methods can US players use?

- Due to the Wire Act, and additionally the UIGEA, and in the absence of a clear-cut resolution, US players are generally advised to use online payment processing services, e-wallets, and the latest in digitalization - cryptocurrencies.

5. Are US players entitled to receive bonuses?

- US online casino players are normally offered bonuses and promos when enrolling at a suitable casino. While reliable operators should be used to the maximum, US players are nonetheless advised to be cautious regarding shady playthroughs, although this is a general industry-wide concern.

6. What is US legal policy regarding sports betting?

- Recent votes in Congress have paved the way towards legal sports betting activities, and while the situation is still localized, discussions are being conducted. After all, the NFL hopes to see these officials “enact a core regulatory framework for legalized sports betting” that would protect the quality and integrity of the game.

7. Can US players gamble on the go?

- Yes, US players who have chosen an operator that features a smartphone/tablet version of their platform are free to practice gambling on the go.

8. Is US gambling with Bitcoin legal?

- Due to the grey status of the cryptocurrency itself, there is no specific answer, but should you steer clear of illegal activity, there is nothing wrong with using it as a payment method.

9. Are live dealer games available for US players?

- Yes, there are many online casino operators that incorporate a live dealer casino section within their game selection.

10. Are US players taxed on their online casino winnings?

- No, they're not. Due to the industry's grey definition, no precise taxation policy has yet been applied.

11. Can players use any gambling strategies at US online casinos?

- There is nothing to stop US players from employing any betting strategy to improve their odds of winning. However, due to the virtual games' format, some may not be susceptible to such attempts. Card counting at online blackjack is a good example.

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