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About Super 7 Blackjack

Bet-soft has steadily built a reputation for creativity and innovation and Super 7 blackjack consolidates that reputation. Super 7 Blackjack is a variant of the popular casino game. The game employs six decks of cards and you can play up to three hands at a time. The game maintains the same rules blackjack games are known for.

It also maintains the same thrill that blackjack players have known for years: the race to hit 21. What’s more, the bonus side bets make the game even more engaging. Just like the regular game, you go up against the dealer, so irrespective of the number of players sitting at the virtual table, each one of them goes up against the dealer. Is it worth trying out? That’s the reason I wrote this review so let’s find out together. 

Special Feature

What makes super 7 blackjack stand out from other variations of the game or the standard blackjack itself? That’s right, it employs six different decks of cards. However, the goal remains the same: the race to get closer to 21. You win if the total value of your hand is better than the dealer. What happens when the gross value of your hand equals that of the dealer? This is considered a push, which means nobody wins and your stake is returned back to you.

Bonus Feature

The side bet is the feature that gives the game its reputation. The side bets are where the thrill of the game reside. The premise on which the super 7 blackjack side bet is built on is to leverage a small stake to win big. The super 7 requires you to place a small stake on the likelihood of getting 7s of the same or different suits. With side bets, you have more opportunities of bagging a win when you place a stake on the following side bets:

  • The likelihood of the first card being a seven, which comes with a 3:1 payout
  • The likelihood of the first two cards being a seven of any suit, which comes with a payout of 50:1
  • The likelihood of the first two cards turning out 7s of the same suit, which comes with a payout of 100:1
  • The likelihood of the first three cards turning out 7s of any suit, which pays 500:1
  • The likelihood of the first three cards turning out 7s of the same suit, which pays 5000:1

In the case that the first card is not a seven you lose the stake. 


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Zeeck Chris
Zeeck Chris ● Posted on 2017-06-06 12:42

Awesome! Guys, try it

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