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The primary difference between American and European Roulette is that the US design has two slots in the wheel which provided the house edge. Some pundits say that housing a single “0” space, and a double “00” space lessens the players chance of winning. But gambling games are called “gambling” for a reason, and most players enjoy these games because they enjoy taking a risk.  Also the American version offers the player an opportunity to take a bet on the house dedicated zeros, so, it is not all bad news fortunately.


This particular version of American Roulette is definitely not one of the best looking that we have seen. There are many more versions on this website that are far more pleasing to the eye. However, it does offer apt graphics, and ambient sounds – whether these are sufficient to mimic the feeling of being on a real casino floor, is a moot point?

There is a minimum bet of 1.0 chip for this table, and a maximum of 1000.00. With a chip bet range of 1.00 to 100.00, it allows all types (both low and high) risk takers to take a spin on the worlds’ most well-loved wheel of fortune. Some call this the King of casino games, but we would not go so far as to refer to this specific version as “King”, more like a poor relative of the better American Roulette software designs found online. It does however, have the added advantage of perhaps appealing to the high roller, as there is a pretty steep maximum wager on offer.  It can also be played in fun mode to first get the hang of the game.

Features include the ability to change display, switch off ambient sounds, and fiddle about with the settings a little, to obtain a slightly more personal product.


There is a very comprehensive help section that will take the player through all aspects of betting action and so on. This includes the objective of the game, bet types, betting limits, and even some betting tips. We suggest that the best strategy to use would be some careful money management, plus a careful study of the pay table.  We would also like to suggest playing with fun money first.

Bonus Feature

There is no bonus features on this version of American Roulette, but bonuses features are rare on any version of virtual roulette.


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