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About Caribbean Hold'em Poker

Caribbean Hold'em Poker is a type of casino poker that is played against the banker or house, as opposed to other players. This version is on offer from Real Time Gaming who are a well-known name in the online gambling industry, and partner with many big brand gaming sites. It also carries a maximum aggregate pay-out that is capped at $20 000 000 which is a heck of a lot of dough in one game, and definitely makes it worth pursuing. This is a progressive prize that must be activated by taking a side bet when playing in the base game.

Special Features and How To Play

Graphically speaking, we have some pirate poker going on at a table decorated with a skull and crossbones. It’s all rather exciting really. Click on the pirates’ skull to activate the progressive, and it holds the coin between its teeth, swallowing it when the cards are dealt. Chip sizes are 1.00, 5.00, 25.00, and 100, with a table limit that is a minimum of 1.00, and a maximum of 100.00. To activate a chance of triggering the progressive jackpot, a $1.00 chip slots in, and we can see the progressive prize size in real time being metred on a digital screen on the table..

Click on the preferred chip size then place a bet in the ante. We see on the table that the dealer needs a qualifying hand of a pair of fours or better to start the hand. Get the game started by pressing the button to deal, and one set of three face up community cards is dealt to the table, one set of two cards to the dealer, and to the player. The players face up, and the dealers face down.

If the player believes they can make a poker hand of five cards with his cards and the community cards together, they call, and place another bet. If not they fold.  If the player “calls” another two community cards are added to the pack, and depending on what cards they hold, determines who wins. Unlike traditional poker, bluffing does not work in this game, but traditional poker hands, are the hands that win.  

This is a fun, and exciting variation of poker to play. It is also a good way of practicing your Texas Hold ém skills, without the threat of being caught in a head to head situation with a better player. Why not try it, you might like it? 


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