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About Baccarat Pro

This online version of the popular card game was designed by the Swedish company NetEnt. It is part of their popular Pro series that also includes several other popular table games. This version of Baccarat has graphics and sound so realistic that you will think you’ve taken a seat at a casino table.

Baccarat Pro brings you the game on a simulated green felt that includes everything you expect to see. There is a card on the table telling you the minimum (1.00) and maximum (100.00) bets. The table, which is easy to read, shows the usual betting options of Banker, Player and Tie, which pays 9-1. You’ll also see stacks of chips at the top of the screen that are meant to resemble the banker’s case.

Also adding to the realism of Baccarat Pro is the audio. You will hear a realistic swooshing sound when the cards are being dealt. You’ll also hear the clicking sound of chips as they are moved about the table. If there is any reason you don’t want to hear these sounds, you can turn off your audio and play the game in silence.

How to Play Baccarat Pro

The chips available to you are located at the bottom of the screen. To start a hand, you can click on the chip that you want to bet and place it in the circle of the bet you wish to make. If you wish to add to your wager, you can click another chip and also place it in the betting circle of your choice

As you probably know, baccarat is a simple game to play and Baccarat Pro makes the game even simpler. After your bet is placed, all you need to do is hit the Deal button and the cards will appear at the top of the simulated table. When an extra card is needed, it will be dealt quickly and the result of your hand will be known right away.

If your Baccarat Pro bet was successful, you will be paid off immediately, with your winning chips placed next to your bet. They will then be automatically added to your stack. You then have the option of a Rebet for the next hand. If you click that button, the next hand will proceed right away. If you want to make a different wager, you can click the “New Bet” option and then place your chips where you want.


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