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About Magic Poker

The developer of this game has a tendency to call a lot of their online casino games “Magic”. Unlike their slots, though; Magic Poker does at least give the player a decent bit of excitement. Wazdan’s Magic Poker isn’t actually that dissimilar from other video poker games, in that players are trying to form the best hand that they possibly can do. However, this video poker titles has some bonus features which are worth checking out.

How to play

To begin with, players must place a bet. After a bet has been made, the first of the five cards will be turned over, revealing the players hand. Players can click on the cards that they wish to hold, and replace the ones they don’t, by clicking on the start button once more. Once the second deal has been made, the player’s completed hand will be measured against a pay-table, and if a winning hand has occurred, they will be paid out for it.

Wagering and prizes

Magic Poker can see players wager anything from 1 up to 1,000 coins per hand in this video poker game. That is a huge wagering range for any video poker title, so that should be remembered.

Players can pocket wins for 2 Pairs, a 3 of a Kind, a Straight, a Flush, a Full House, 4 of a Kind, a Straight Flush, a Royal Flush and a 5 of a Kind. This is possible since Magic Poker utilises jokers. The top prize for a 5 of a Kind is 800x your total bet.

If a player lands a 3 of a Kind, some of the steps in the Bonus 3 path will become lit. The same is true of the Bonus 4 path (for a Four of a Kind). Should players do considerably well and pocket consecutive wins with either hand, they could end up winning a bonus prize based on the amount of steps they have lit.

Final thoughts

To be honest, the bonus games are somewhat complicated, but that isn’t the only issue concerning Magic Poker. The game runs slow – impossibly slow. This makes it incredibly hard to enjoy. This is a Wazdan server problem and not necessarily one with the game itself. It does however, mean that players are going to be frustrated when playing this so-so video poker game.

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Cruel Mike /
I love this game! This is the best I played last time!!
Cruel Mike /
It's unbelievable! I like it very much. Everything is perfect in this game
Roger Cady /
Good game

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