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About Face the Ace

Face the Ace has quite an unmistakable design to it. This GamesOS title really does stand out as one of the better graphical video poker games on the net. The handy scroll at the top of the screen acts as your pay-table, whilst the emblems at the bottom of the screen are your gaming control buttons. The only thing that looks a tad out of place are the cards themselves, which are designed in the livery of GamesOS.

How to play

But don’t be confused by this “theme” – if you could call it that. Face the Ace is a pretty standard video poker game. Players can start by placing a bet, and from there on out, everything is basic video poker gaming, pure and simple.

Ideally, you’ll be looking to build a solid poker hand, which will be checked against a pay-table, to see if you have won anything. Players can hold and draw cards too, to form winning hands. It is worth noting that in the Face the Ace game, the Aces can be used to form very special winning hands, which are ranked quite high up the pay-table.

Wagering and prizes

Bets begin once the player chooses the value of their coins. The lowest coin value is fixed at 0.10, whilst the highest coin value is worth 1.00 in total. Players are at liberty to wager anything from 1 to 5 coins per hand. Face the Ace will cost you no more than 5.00 per hand then, and at its cheapest, just 0.10 per hand.

The lowest qualifying hand for a pay-out is Jacks or Better, which is worth your money back when playing on the minimum wager. Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straights, Flushes, Full Houses, Four 2s to 10s, Four Jacks to Kings, Four Aces and Straight Flush are also acceptable hands. The top paying jackpot is worth 4,000 coins for landing a Royal Flush on the biggest stake. As with most video poker games, the more you wager, the higher your winnings will be with better hands.

Final thoughts

So many video poker games can cause confusion with their titles. You probably thought that the Aces would be wilds in this game. As you can plainly see though, they aren’t. Face the Ace is quite simply an enjoyable, run-of-the-mill video poker game, which offers better pay-outs for hands containing Aces.


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