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Mystery Roulette by Novomatic





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Mystery Roulette by Novomatic

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About Mystery Roulette

While they are most widely known for their online slots, Novomatic has also dabbled with a few table game releases. Mystery Roulette is one of their titles, and it provides a refreshing new take and way to play Roulette games. The game has a full title which is Mystery Roulette x38, and that “x38” part gets its name from the fact that there are 38 spots on the roulette wheel in this Novomatic table game.

How to play

As well as there being 38 different pockets on the roulette wheel, there are also a series of bonus payouts which can be won. The game is based on European roulette, and features pockets numbered 1-36, as well as a zero, a question mark (?) and a double question mark (??) pockets. The zero is standard to any roulette game, but the latter two are known as mystery pockets.

As with any roulette games, the player will be trying to get the ball to land in a pocket which is favourable to their bet. However, the side bets in this game involve betting on mystery pockets. When a player bets on a mystery pocket and successfully lands their bet, they could snap up a random cash prize.

Aside from the additional pockets, the rest of this roulette variant is played according to standard European roulette rules.

Wagering and prizes

The extra pockets on this roulette wheel do alter the payouts for standard bets. Even money bets now pay out at 2:1, while dozen and columns bets offer a 3:1 payout. Six numbers, corner and streets now pay at 5:1, 9:1 and 12:1, respectively. A split bet offers up winnings of 18:1, and a straight-up bet (minus the mystery bets) delivers a 38:1 payout.

However, if players successfully bet on the single mystery pocket (?) they can win anything from 10:1 up to 100:1 at random. Betting successfully on the double mystery pocket (??) delivers wins ranging from 2:1 up to 500:1.

The downside to all this good fortune and excellent gameplay is that the wagering range is not finely tuned for low-rolling players. Stakes in the game range from 50.00 up to 10,000.00 a bet, making this release a firm favourite of high rollers.

Final thoughts

If you are a fan of Novomatic games and have a decent chip stack to wager on games, Mystery Roulette x38 is undoubtedly something you should try once. It offers a unique and dynamic new way to play a true casino classic.


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Anton Dalekii
Anton Dalekii ● Posted on 2017-03-28 15:32

I can't say that roulette is my favorite game but Mystery Roulette is very good. I will play again

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