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Space Runners by B3W

About Space Runners Slot

You’ll find some of the strangest sights you’ve ever seen in Space Runners, a science fiction slot created by B3W. Some of the creations look like science experiments that failed. Even the ones that don’t look so bad seemed to be slightly off level. Of course, it’s all designed for fun.

Space Runners has five reels, three lines and nine paylines. As you play the game, you’ll see an entire science fiction city sitting above the reels. There are spaceships, towers and other futuristic sights. The strangely lit sky also displays things you’ll never seen on earth.

As with most B3W slots, there is just one coin size you can use to play the game. For Space Runners, it is valued at 0.02. But you can play as many as 10 coins per payline. The minimum bet is 0.18 and the maximum is 1.80.

Special Features

Every symbol in Space Runners has a science fiction look. There are no symbols taken from a deck of cards or any other source. The symbols include drawings of several creatures that contain elements of both robots and humans. Some of them have two big eyes. One of them that is particularly disturbing has just one eye.

The best paying symbols in the games are rockets and spaceships. Some resemble s long airplane. Others are reminiscent of space traveling ships and satellites that have been launched from earth. Most of them have passengers who don’t exactly resemble humans.

Bonus Features

Space Runners has both a Wild symbol and a Scatter symbol. The Wild symbol displays two Laser Guns. They substitute for all symbols except the Scatter. If the Wild symbol helps to form a winning line, the payoff you receive will be doubled.

The Scatter symbol in the game displays a Planet shimmering in space. Even though the game seems to be set in a location far, far away, the planet you see in the Scatter symbol looks a lot like Earth.

You will win something if you get just two Scatters on a spin. Scatters can show up anywhere on the reels. They do not have to be on a specific payline. If you get at least three Scatters, you will win free spins.

If you get three Scatters on a Space Runners spin, you will win 15 free spins. If you get four Scatters, you’ll get 20 free spins and if you get all five Scatters, you’ll receive 25 free spins. Five Scatters will also award you with 100x your bet.

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