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About Blackjack

With a title like this, you were probably expecting something else entirely. Blackjack is not just a plain table game, but one which has been designed and developed by Gameplay Interactive and is themed on a saucy pirate. Blackjack can see players enjoy a run-of-the-mill table game based on classic blackjack action. Chip sizes range from 1.00 up to 50.00, and table limits in the game stretch from 1.00 per hand up to 100.00 per hand. As usual with blackjack games, players can win 3:2 for a blackjack, 1:1 for any victory over the dealer (in this case, a pirate) and 2:1 with insurance wins.


Blackjack features all the standard rules of the table game you have come to know and love. For instance, Blackjack allows players to double, stand, hit, take insurance bets and split at certain points in the game.

The game begins with a 2-card hand being dealt out to both the pirate dealer and the player. Once you’ve got your hand, it is entirely up to you what you do with it, although any options you do have open to you will be highlighted on the scroll which runs along the bottom of the screen.

Once a player has made their moves (and the pirate dealer theirs) the hands will be compared (provided you aren’t bust) and any winnings you may have acquired will be paid out.

Bonus Feature

It is worth pointing out that this Gameplay Interactive Blackjack game contains side-bets. Players can potentially win a jackpot prize if they play those side-bets. The current value of the jackpot prize is displayed in the black pirate scroll located in the upper-left hand corner of the screen.

Blackjack is a nifty take on the much-loved table game, and any player who has a particular hankering for pirate-themed casino games and doesn’t mind playing a spot of blackjack to boot will find this game rather exciting and original, to say the least.


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