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Baker Street by iSoftBet

Baker Street

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About Baker Street

Baker Street is one of the many great slots which comes to us from iSoftBet software developers. It is a five reel, nine pay-line game, with a top prize of up to 50000 coins. Nice generous prize for a game that can be played over a wide betting range which starts at only 0.01. That means a wager over nine lines will only cost the player 0.09p – nice! Bets per pay-line increase in increments up to only 0.05, however, there is a maximum proscribed wager of ninety coins, at ten coins per line, and 0.02p per bet. No, this is not a high roller video slot!

Special Features

Loosely themed on the Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tale of the detective who could do no wrong, this slot plays quite a nice complement to Sherlock Holmes. It is nicer in that the reels offer clues as well as icons, which sees the player collecting these clues, in order to enter the bonus round. So, we know it has a bonus game, but what else does it have to offer the player?

It is very nicely illustrated which makes it graphically pleasing, and also features apt ambient sounds. Reels are filled with icons of people – Sherlock Holmes, his side-kick – Dr. Watson, a gentleman, lady, and British police officer. There is also a wild and scatter symbol, which are respectively represented by a pipe, and a magnifying glass. Land the wilds to replace other symbols, as well as win big, while the scatter magnifying glass triggers multipliers. The balance of icons is represented by card indices from Ace through to 10.

Bonus Feature

There is a very smart bonus game in this slot which sees players collecting clues as they play. These clues could be keys, stopwatches, matches, fingerprints, a penknife, a lipstick stain on a glass, an old shoes, some pages of a book, a piece of jewellery; it just depends what drops onto the reels, and active pay-lines. Collect ten of these items during the course of play, and the bonus round opens. Once entering this feature, we are asked what case we want to look into, this writer looked into the case of one murdered, 56 year old Mr. Brown. We are then invited to choose three pieces of evidence found at the scene, and win coins according to how correct these guesses are. This is bonus game interactive, and really quite awesome.


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