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About Alien Cash Attack

There are many unusual features about the Alien Cash Attack Slots game developed by Microgaming.. Perhaps the most unusual is that you begin the game by playing on a single payline, but if you are able to get to the bonus round, suddenly you're playing on a screen that has five paylines. You need to get to the bonus round because the regular Alien Cash Attack game does not pay out coins, but pays out free spins, known as “WinSpins.”

You can play Alien Cash Attack for as little as $.10 or as much as $10.00, or ten units. You can only play one coin per spin, but for that coin, you could get a prize that could be multiplied as much as five hundred times.


Once you've had a winning line and the WinSpins Bonus Feature  is activated, you begin to play for money. You will continue to play the WinSpins feature until you have used all your spins, then you are returned to the regular Alien cash Attack game.


The goal of the game is to win as many free spins as possible and to have the largest multiplier possible when you are in the bonus round. Since there is no progressive feature, the biggest payoff comes when you get the 500x multiplier. The next highest payoff is a 25X multiplier.

Special Features

There are special features in Alien Cash Attack which add a great deal of excitement to the game. These features are the “Nudge”: and the “Hold.” Your spins will determine how many of these two features you will accumulate.

The Nudge allows a player to alter the result of a spin to improve his results, sometimes dramatically. You can nudge the reel to bring the next symbol onto your payline. When you win Nudges, you will also get another feature, a ”Sneak Peek.” This allows you to view the next two spots on the reel and to determine if they can help you.

You can win up to four nudges on one spin. You can also win the right to bank your nudges or to repeat them.

The other special feature in Alien Cash Attack,the “Hold,” can also be very valuable. When you win a Hold, you can keep one or more reels in place for the next spin. Obviously, this feature can be very profitable if you've just had a good spin.

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