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Deuces Wild Review

About Deuces Wild

Unlike most wild card video poker games, Deuces Wild is played with the standard 52 card deck. There are no jokers used, but the four deuces in the deck are all wild. This creates a game that can offer some big payoffs, but can also be quite frustrating.

Since it is played with a standard 52 card, deck, you might feel deprived when you get a natural pair of Jacks or Better or two pair. Those hands are not paid off in this game. They are just as hard to get, since there are no jokers in the deck, but with all the deuces wild, you need to get at least three of a kind to collect.

If you can get over those aggravations, you can make some money playing Deuces Wild. There is a big payoff of 1,000-1 if you get the four deuces on one line. Only a Royal Flush pays better.


The pay tables may vary depending on where you're playing Deuces Wild, but the lower payoffs are a little higher than you will find in the similar game, Deuces Joker, which has five wild cards. You won't win as often in this game, but you'll get payoffs that are slightly better.

In some versions of Deuces Wild, you'll get more for four-of-a-kind than you will for a Full House. If jokers are involved, sometimes these can be the same hand. If you have a pair and also two deuces, this hand could be considered four-of-a-kind or it could be a Full House. Make sure your online casino is giving you the best payoff.


In a Jacks or Better game with no wild cards, there is always a decision needed if you get dealt both a high card and a pair. But there's no decision when you get that hand in Deuces Wild. High cards are no better than any other. You'll want to hold your pair and try to get at least three-of-a-kind or better, possibly with the help of the wild deuces.

Bonus Game Features

The main bonus in Deuces Wild, as in most video poker games, comes if you play the maximum amount of coins. If a Royal Flush hits, your five coins won't be paid five times as much as one coin. They'll get fifteen times as much.

Remember that the big payoff is only for a natural Royal Flush. If you use wild cards to get that hand, the maximum payoff is 100 coins, not 4,000.


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like it

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I like playing !!

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Admin Admin ● Posted on 2016-12-14 01:46

> KrukEdward Unfortunately you would need to keep the browser window open until the next day, as soon as you close it you will lose your total.

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I like the site-not the cancel/double down- also would like to keep my total until the next day ??

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Have a good time

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