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Aces Faces Review

About Aces Faces

Aces Faces is a video poker game with similar rules to Jacks or better, but with some slight variations. This game also has a little different look and feel than most video poker games, especially those with Aces and Faces in the title.

Most of the other games with the same name tend to feature a royal setting since the faces in the title include Kings and Queens. Usually, the game board is set in colors that are dark and majestic. But Aces Faces has a lighter look to it. The game board is set in a pale blue tint with a lot of white.

You can choose from 1-5 coins for each bet in Aces Faces. If you manage to hit a Royal Flush during the game, you'll collect an extra amount if you played at least three coins on that hand.


Aces Faces is set up with a lot of buttons and a lot of sounds. The smaller buttons on the higher row are for placing your bets. On the bottom row, there is a Rules button you can access, plus Collect and Double buttons if you win.

Unlike most video poker games, there are both Draw and Deal Buttons. Deal begins the hand and Draw is used after you've decided how many cards you want to hold.

The sounds of the game are also a little different. As the cards are dealt or turned over, there is a metallic type of noise that sounds like the keys being hit on an old-fashioned typewriter.


Aces Faces has special payoffs for a four-of-a-kind hand. There is a lower payoff for four-of-a-kind if the cards are between a 2 and a 10. Four Jacks, Queens or Kings pay more than that and then there is a larger payoff for four Aces. In this game, four Aces pays better than a Straight Flush.

If you have the chance to draw any of the high cards in Aces Faces, the betting menu dictates that you should try.

Bonus Game Features

After every winning hand, you'll have the chance to double up your winnings in the Gamble game. You have to wager all of your winnings if you play this game. To make the bet, push the Double button and a card will appear on the left of the screen, You'll  have your choice of the four other cards to try to beat it.


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