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3 Card Poker – Review

About 3 Card Poker

3 Card Poker is also sometimes known as Tri-card Poker, and is mainly a casino game. In other words not the sort of poker that the true poker player plays. It is offered at most online casinos, and the thing that makes it so distinctively a casino game is the fact that wagers are placed against the house, instead of against other player. As the name of the game makes obvious, only three cards are used in a round. It is a popular game at the tables, chiefly because it is simple to learn, and playing is fun.


Three Card Poker is played with a single deck of 52 cards, although other variations might exist. Online gaming software developers often tweak the rules of these games to make them more interactive, and therefore more attractive for players.

It is essentially two games in one – the “Play/Ante” against the dealer to see which has the highest hand, and the “Pair Plus” game where players are betting on whether they will be dealt with a pair or better. Most online casino offer the facility to bet on one or both of these parts of the game, but this could vary from website to website.

Three betting circles feature on the table in front of each seat; one on the top for Pair Plus, the two lower for Ante and Play. These circles are where the wagers are placed. The game commences when players have made a bet in the Pair Plus and or Ante-marked circle. There is generally a minimum wager required.

After placing wagers a Three Card hand is dealt face-down, and the player needs to decide there and then if they are going to fold. Fold, and the Ante wager is lost, if they continue to play, another wager is placed in the Play circle. It must be equal to the Ante wager. A Queen or higher needs to qualify the dealer – if not - players have their wagers returned. So it goes on, and is very simple.


While true poker does require skill and strategy in order to be played well, 3 Card Poker doesn’t need all that much. It also makes use of hand rankings from highest to lowest, so it would probably pay the player to learn what these hand rankings are. It would also pay for the player to learn when to fold, and not hang on to a useless three card. Remember we are playing against the casino dealer, so bluffing is not part of the strategy used in this game.


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