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This version of European Roulette for online gamers is available at a variety of virtual casinos. As we have explained previously, the difference between European and American roulette games, is simply a matter of zeros. The European game has only on green slot in the wheel for a single “zero” (0) which essentially represents the house edge. It is a Microgaming powered roulette wheel on the Quickfire platform – these designers are one of the biggest and best on the net, so, play will definitely be in very safe hands.


As far as features are concerned, this is not the most graphically brilliant rendering of the game we have ever seen. But one of the great things about it is it can be played for free first, where 2000.00 worth of free demo credits are given away. Bear in mind that when playing in demo mode, winning is not in real money, but it offers a fabulous opportunity to hone the players knowledge of the game. Ambient sounds are relevant, but do not exactly imitate what one might expect from a live the casino floor. Many roulette games have appropriate music playing in the background, this game does not. If you like to play without having to turn of ambient sounds, this might be the game for you.

In terms of real money play chip values start at 1.00, and increase incrementally up to 50.00. The Maximum bet value varies on the type of wager placed. For example 10.00 is the maximum bet for a single number wager, 20.00 for a split number bet and so on.


As roulette is a random number game it is difficult if not impossible to nail down a strategy. We believe that strategic betting is the key, as so many betting options are available in this game. Good m o0ney management will allow fans of the game to play for longer, as well as not overstep their bankroll budget, and a comprehensive “help” section should be explored when playing this game. It offers valuable insight into playing the game, betting rules, game pay-outs, and customisable bet lay-outs.

Bonus Features

As is the general norm in this game, no bonus features apply. However we would like to mention that some Microgaming versions of roulette have the option to place a side bet for access to a progressive jackpot prize.

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