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Piggy Bank by Yggdrasil

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Piggy Bank Scratch Card

Yggdrasil Gaming have been going wild recently with the development of a whole load of online Scratch cards. We know this developer’s online video slot games to be a ton of fun, and it seems that their Scratch Card offerings are turning out to be just was much fun. Piggy Bank is a small scratchie, for a small wager, and has €1000.00 as the top prize on offer.

Special Features

Players are promised fifteen ways to win, up to €1000.00 when playing Piggy Bank. As one might expect this little pink porcelain (or plastic) pig, that nearly every child has saved money in, is the theme for this scratch card game.  Yes, this pig is pink, and it also promises to deliver, in fact it guarantees that players will win at least every third round. There is a 96.36% theoretical return to player, so the odds are pretty high that we can win something, and perhaps play for longer to get a chance at the big prize.

There is a fixed bet size of €0.25, so, this is definitely not a high rollers game. Well, one can see by the size of the prize that a high roller probably would not have any fun with it. We start by allowing the game to randomly choose a car for us, or choose one ourselves by clicking on the change tickets button. Two winning numbers and six player numbers then appear on the game board, and we click to reveal each individually. We may also make use of the reveal all button, to smash the series of pink porcelain tile which cover the number.

When numbers match we win and amount of money as dictated by the pay tables. Landing a pink Piggy Bank icon on the board also wins an instant prize of €1.00. It does not have to match with a another icon to pay. There is also a lucky four-leafed clover icon which helps players win on all numbers. A sort of wild card if you wish!

Bonus Features

A free rounds feature is triggered by a bonus icon, and ten free rounds are given away. Winnings are totalled during these rounds, and then the winner is invited to gamble their winnings away. Actually the gamble feature activates whenever a win takes place. This is a game of head or tails, and is also double or quits which means the player may double their funds, or risk losing it all. Use this feature wisely.


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