Jive Into the Vibrant 50’s with Fatz’s Diner GigaBlox Slot

Jive Into the Vibrant 50’s with Fatz’s Diner GigaBlox Slot


Fatz’s Diner GigaBlox, the freshest addition to Yggdrasil’s iGaming suite, whisks players into a delightful escapade, ricocheting between the effervescent spirit of 1950s America and a playful animal-themed slot game. Picture yourself strolling into a classic diner, your steps synchronized with the enchanting tunes of a jukebox, while fascinating creatures accompany your adventurous gaming journey!

The slot reels of Fatz's Diner aren't just static, lifeless entities. Instead, they're invigorated with Yggdrasil’s prolific Game Engagement Mechanic (GEM), aptly named GigaBlox. The mechanic seamlessly integrates supersized symbols, manifesting in a variety of dimensions – 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 during base play, and an exceptional 5x5 during the tantalizing Bonus Spins feature, ensuring that every spin brims with excitement and the unforeseen.

Interactive Features and Respins

What sets Fatz’s Diner apart in the vast sea of online slots? When five or more bonus symbols tantalizingly land on your reels, brace yourself – an electrifying Bonus Spins feature is activated! Each Bonus Spin awarded directly reflects the bonus symbols you snag, heralding a cascade of opportunities to amplify your winnings.

Engage in a dynamic reel experience as Expand & Respin symbols introduce themselves during bonus spins, morphing your reels into monumental Gigareels. Every triplet of Expand & Respin symbols increases the magnitude of Gigareels and ensures they persist for the entirety of your Bonus Spins escapade.

Let's not overlook the tantalizing multipliers, commencing at a robust x3 and escalating by +3 with every landing, applied judiciously to your highest-paying symbol, propelling your potential winnings into a new stratosphere of abundance.

Journey through the Fast Track

For those who desire an immediate plunge into the high-stakes world of bonus spins, Fatz’s Diner offers an expedited passage! A 100x stake unearths between 10 and 30 bonus spins, while the daring, who venture with a 600x stake, will unveil the illustrious Super Bonus Spins – a generous gift of 30 bonus spins with an enticingly initial win multiplier of 9x.

Chief Gaming Officer at Yggdrasil, Mark McGinley, commented: “If you’re hungry for the prosperous age of 1950s America then I urge you to head down to Fatz’s Diner where you’ll find a thrill a minute! We have built a strong name for ourselves on the back of our legendary GEMs, and GigaBlox is a firm favourite amongst fans. We’re expecting plenty of diners to flock to Fatz’s to enjoy the supersized symbols, expanding reels and Bonus Spins that are on the menu!”

By Ivan Stefanovic

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