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Multihand Blackjack by IGT

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Multihand Blackjack by IGT

About Multi Hand Blackjack

If you’ve already played blackjack before in your life, then all you really need to know about this game is in the title. Multi Hand Blackjack implies that you are playing a game of blackjack with several hands at once. The implication is spot on. You are. How many hands you decide to play with is entirely up to you. There are some Multi Hand Blackjack games that have a fixed amount of hands you can play (sometimes 3 or 5), and there are others that allow for more hands to be played simultaneously.

Wagering on Multi Hand Blackjack games is in essence, the same as wagering on any standard blackjack game. The biggest difference is that each additional hand that you wager on will cost you more money. You are not playing with 5 hands for the price of one. Instead, Multi Hand Blackjack should be viewed as five separately staked games. The stakes don’t even have to be same on the various hands.

How to Play Multi Hand Blackjack

Gamers play Multi Hand Blackjack just like they would play a normal blackjack game. The biggest difference is that instead of controlling just one hand, they are controlling numerous hands. Each hand is entirely independent from the rest, so players cannot use cards from one hand and put them into another. If you lose with one hand, you haven’t necessarily lost the game, as another one of hands may beat the dealers.

Just because you have multiple hands on the go, doesn’t mean the dealer does. The dealer always plays Multi Hand Blackjack with just a single hand. The pay-outs are roughly the same in Multi Hand Blackjack games as they are in other variants. Blackjack often pays at 3:2, standard wins at 1:1, Insurance bets at 2:1, and the dealer must stand on 17. The splitting and doubling down rules can appear in some Multi Hand Blackjack games and not others.

Final Thoughts

The real benefit of playing Multi Hand Blackjack is if you are in a rush. If you want a quick session and don’t want to (or have the time to) sit through hand after hand; then it is always advised to play Multi Hand Blackjack. In short, if you are playing 5 Hand Blackjack (for instance), you’re essentially playing at five times the speed of a normal game.

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