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About 5 Hand Blackjack

5 Hand Blackjack is actually quite similar to other multi-hand Blackjack variants. What you effectively have here is a standard blackjack game, where players can wager on up to 5 hands at once, if they wish. 5 Hand Blackjack will see players who are dealt an initially good hand, stand a far better chance of winning. They will have to place new bets for every hand that they choose to play with, though.

Not every hand has to have the same stake wagered, so you could wager X amount on one hand, and Y amount on another. Generally, 5 Hand Blackjack games can cost as little as 1.00 per hand, although in some big money games, it is not uncommon to see 500.00 per hand games being played.

How to Play 5 Hand Blackjack

Playing 5 Hand Blackjack is really no different than playing a single hand of traditional blackjack. The player must try to beat the dealer’s hand as best as they can. If they go over 21 points in total, they will lose. The numbered cards count as their own points. So a Five of Spades awards the player with 5 points, for example. Face cards count as 10s and Aces count as either 11s or 1s. A player is said to have blackjack (which brings an instant win) if they have an ace and a face card. A hand is dealt to every wager marker where a bet has been placed.

5 Hand Blackjack can often be played with Insurance rules, and it is not impossible to find a blackjack game where players may also be able to double down. Splitting is not normally found in 5 Hand Blackjack games. Generally speaking, the dealer must stand on 17, and the player will pick up 2:1 for Insurance, 3:2 for a blackjack win, 1:1 for any other win, and a push will see their bets returned to them.

Final Thoughts

5 Hand Blackjack should pose no problems for standard blackjack players. As we’ve said, it is a simple blackjack game, only with the option of using multiple hands. The wagering range is often pretty broad in this game, so you can seemingly stake whatever you wish.

The most important thing to remember in 5 Hand Blackjack is that if you wish to play with multiple hands, you will need to place multiple bets. It is not as if you are getting to play with 5 hands for the price of one!


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