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About 3-Card Blackjack

This game of blackjack is easy to play, does not require as much strategy and also offers a special bonus bet. A new version of 3-Card Poker was developed by The Art of Games Software. They present the game on a sleek table with a dark green felt. All of your betting odds and opportunities are displayed clearly. The game also features a narrator who tells you when to bet and announces the result at the end of every hand.

Rules of 3-Card Blackjack

Instead of the usual two cards, you are dealt three in this variation. The dealer is also dealt three, but only one is showing. The player makes his best hand from the three cards he is dealt, using either two or all three cards. If he has a 10 (or face card) and an Ace, he has Blackjack and wins automatically. However, the payoff in 3-Card Blackjack is only 1-1.

The dealer can also use two or three of his cards, but in order for all bets to be paid, he must “qualify” with a hand that totals at least18. Even if the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player still wins if he has a Blackjack.

How to Play 3-Card Blackjack

To begin the game, the player makes an Ante bet. He can also make a special side bet called the Ace Plus bet. This bet pays off if one of the player’s three cards is an Ace.

Once the hands are dealt, the player must decide if he wants to continue playing. If he does, he must make another bet. This “Play” bet is the same size as the Ante bet.

If the dealer qualifies, the best hand wins. If the player wins, he is paid 1-1 on both his Ante and Play bets. If the dealer doesn’t qualify, the player’s Ante is paid 1-1 and his Play bet is returned.

3-Card Blackjack Bonus Bet

If the player made a bonus bet, he will paid 2-1 if he has one Ace. He will be paid more if he has more than one Ace or an Ace and at least one ten (or face card.) One Ace and two tens pays 5-1. Two Aces pays 10-1. Two Aces and one Ten pays 20-1. If the player is dealt three Aces, the payoff is 100-1.


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