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About Red Hot Chili Chips

Pariplay has created this colourful and flame grilled video slot called Red Hot Chilli Chips. There is not much by way of features but it can still keep you entertained while filling your pockets. As if chillies weren’t hot enough, this slot goes ahead and turns up the heat by throwing them it a baking furnace.

It has three reels and two full rows. The reels can stop part way with either two symbols showing fully or three symbols with the tops and bottoms cut off. Why this form of display became popular is a mystery as the reels could just as easily be extended so that the pay lines can be seen clearly. Nonetheless there are 25 fixed pay lines available so you don’t have to worry about making those kinds of adjustment decisions.

Special Features

As a simple slot there are no progressive jackpots or scatters to win free spins. Deciding how much to bet with the six options available under the slot, is the about the hardest decision you will make. The options given are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 10 credits per line. Multiply that by the 25 available pay lines and then you have an idea of how much each spin will cost. Determining the value of the coin from 1 cent all the way up to a full unit of currency can also whittle down your bankroll relatively quickly.

Bonus Feature

The single bonus feature available in Red Hot Chilli Chips is when three or more green chillies with a flaming background and the word BONUS appears. The little guys start to steam up and go from green to yellow to red as the temperature intensifies. The screen rolls down to display a burning floor that the chillies run around trying to cool down. In this screen a random number a spins is applied to six single line reels which the chillies run above and shoot flaming gas from their bottoms to get the wheel turning. That’s right; it seems even chillies can’t take a good bowl of curry with letting one off!

One all the reels have had a chance to spin, the multipliers they give out are added together for a total bonus and multiplied to what your current bet per spin is. The demo mode does not deduct the correct amount of coins above 2 coins per line, so the bonus won’t be calculated correctly. If this is any indication of how the real game works with real money, we suggests staying far away unless you want to get burnt by this slot.


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