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About Golden Moon

Golden Moon is a very basic slot machine. There is almost something childlike and elementary about the classic slot machine, which features a total of 3 reels and 5 paylines, as well as theme based on childhood dreams – the kinds of things you would expect to find on children’s bedroom wallpaper. The slot machine does allow players to alter the value of their coins, but they cannot alter the 5 paylines which appear in this slot. Coin denominations range from 0.02 up to 2.00, and that means that players will end up wagering anything from 0.10 per spin, right up to 10.00 per spin on this slot machine game.

Payouts and symbols

The lowest paying symbols tend to the bar symbols. Obviously, the more coins you wager per spin, the larger the cash prizes you can win with these symbols. Any 3 bars will net you between 1 and 5 coins, whilst 3 single, double or triple bars will see players win between 2 and 10 coins, 3 and 15 coins, or 3 and 20 coins, respectively. Bag 3 lighthouse or shooting star symbols to win between 5 and 25 coins, or 6 and 35 coins, respectively.

Players who land 3 of the moon symbols can win between 25 and 100 coins, whilst landing 3 of the ship symbols will dish out wins worth between 50 coins and 250 coins.

Winning the jackpot

The Golden Moon logo appears as the jackpot icon in this game. If it is landed 3 times on the first payline (central) it will dish out wins worth 1,000 coins. Land the same symbols on the second payline (top) to win 2,000 coins, or the third payline (bottom) to win 3,000 coins. The fourth paylines runs from the top left of the reels to the bottom right of them and can see players win 4,000 coins if they can land 3 Golden Moon symbols on that line. Land them on the fifth payline – which runs from the bottom left to the top right of the reels – and you can pocket wins worth 5,000 coins, which happen to be the non-progressive jackpot.

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