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About Double Joker Video Poker

Double Joker Video Poker is one of Microgaming’s many video poker titles. Like most of their other games in this genre, the graphics are kind of dated. That is quite okay, though, since this is a simplistic title anyway. Double Joker Poker takes its name from the fact that jokers count as wilds in this game, and winnings are generally worth more than in their Joker Poker game.

How to play

To begin with, players will need to place a bet. After their bet has been staked, they will be dealt an initial hand consisting of five cards. Players can see that the game has chosen the cards that it thinks they should keep. They can decide to overrule that if they wish, by clicking on the individual cards to hold or discard them.

Players can discard cards by clicking on the draw button, to which new cards will appear to replace them. After that, a players hand is complete. The objective in this game is to simply build the best ranking poker hand that you possibly can. The hand will then be compared with the paytable, and if it matches a hand displayed there, then you will win.

Wagering and prizes

Like all casino games, you must bet before you can play. Bets in Double Joker Video Poker are pretty standardised and simple. By using the wagering buttons, you can increase or decrease your bet from 1.25 per hand, up to 25.00 per hand.

Players can pocket wins with hands that consist of Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, a Straight, a Flush, a Full House, a Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Five of a Kind, Joker Royal Flush (a Royal Flush which contains jokers), and a Natural Royal Flush (with no jokers). The best paying hand is the Natural Royal Flush which can offer wins as much as 4,000 coins in total. The lowest paying hand is a Two Pair, which offers wins of between 1 and 5 coins.

Final thoughts

Double Joker Video Poker is more advantageous than Joker Poker, if you like these kinds of video poker games. It can see you win more money, than you would in the other video poker title from Microgaming. To that end, you are always better off playing this title, than its predecessor. At least, we would say so.


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