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About Deuces Wild Power Poker

Deuces Wild Power Poker is quite similar to Microgaming’s Deuces Wild video poker title, although it can be played over multiple hands. Twos are wilds in this game, as its title suggests, and despite it being based on a standard video poker variant, players may need to take a moment or two to familiarise themselves with exactly how this game works.

How to play

To begin with, players must place a bet and click on the deal button. They will then be given 5 cards. This forms their decision hand, and players must not choose which cards to hold. After deciding, players can click on the draw button. This will push all of the held cards into the 4 hands located above the decision hand. The remaining blacked out cards will then be replaced with new ones.

After all of the hands are complete, the player will pocket winnings based on their hand. If it matches one of those on the paytable, then you are in luck. If you have multiple hands, then you will pocket multiple winnings from the paytable. After a win, players can choose to collect their winnings, or gamble them again if they wish.

Wagering and prizes

Placing bets is easy to figure out. At the bottom of the hands, is the menu bar. Players can choose coin sizes which range from 25p up to £5 in total. You are going to have to wager between 1 and 5 coins per hand, which means that players can stake anything from £1 per hand, up to £100 per hand. The reason for this is because you must wager on the four additional hands above the decision hand, you aren’t actually betting on the decision hand itself.

Paying hands in the Deuces Wild Power Poker include 3 of a Kind, Straights, and Flushes, which are worth pay-outs of 5, 10 and 10 coins, respectively. Full Houses, 4 of a Kind and Straight Flushes pay at rates of 15, 20 and 45 coins respectively. Players can also land winnings of 75 coins, 225 coins or 1,250 coins for a respective 5 of a Kind, Deuces Royal Flush or 4 Deuce hands. The top prize in this game is 4,000 coins and that is reserved for a Natural Royal Flush.

Final thoughts

It may appear complicated, but Deuces Wild Poker actually isn’t that complicated to play. One word of advice: we’d avoid the gamble feature. You don’t have a really good chance of winning when you gamble your winnings – so, always collect!


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