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In the past, all you ever needed to play craps was a pair of dice and a few feet to throw them. But craps has long since become one of the reputable table games that you can play in a casino. And nowadays, you don't even need any dice since you can play a simulated game on the internet.


The online game offers all of the same betting options you can get in a brick and mortar casino. While you might miss throwing the dice and interacting with the others around the table, there are several reasons why you might prefer playing craps at an internet casino. You can control the pace of the action when you play online..You also won't have anyone distracting you and you won't have to listen to a lot of noise from other tables. You can also take your time placing your bets without someone pressuring you to hurry.

Part of what makes craps such a popular and appealing game are all the betting possibilities. You can bet on the shooter or against him, but you can also play individual numbers or combinations of numbers. You can also get special odds on the way that numbers will come in.


You can bet on the shooter by playing the Pass line. You can also bet against him by playing the Don't Pass line. If the shooter rolls a 7 or an 11 on the “come out roll,” the Pass line wins. If he rolls a 2, 3 or 12, he has rolled “craps” and he loses. If he rolls some other number, that becomes his point. The shooter keeps throwing until he wins by making his point or loses by rolling a 7.

You can use all the other proposition and “hard way” bets to back up a Pass or Don't Pass bet. You can also start a new sequence without waiting for a come out roll by playing the Come line. The next number will either win your Come bet with a 7 or establish the point you have to make. You  can also counter with the “Don't Come” line, which works just like the Don't Pass line.

There are so many possible bets you can make in Craps that you should never tire of exploring new combinations and approaches to this fun and popular game.


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