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3 Card Poker by 1x2gaming





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3 Card Poker by 1x2gaming

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About Three Card Poker

This type of Three Card Poker is brought to us from the stable of 1 x 2 Gaming. They are a fully licensed, tested and regulated online gaming provider which offers a full suite of online casino games. They are a UK based supplier, and are partnered with some of the biggest names in this industry – Ladbrokes, Bwin Party, and Bet 365 just to name-drop a few.  Three Card poker is a “Casino” poker based game which means it is played against the house, and not against other players seated around a table as in the classic form of this game.

1 x 2 Gaming takes the player into a 3D representation of a virtual poker room. Sweeps across the floor, and seats them at a table. Red baize tables are eye-catching, and chip denominations range through 0.01 to 100.00, which makes it great for even low-rolling players to take a turn at the felt.

How To Play

After being seated at the table, we are presented with three spaces for the dealers’ card, and three spaces for the player. Between these spaces are demarcated areas for bets. Bets are Pair Plus, Ante, and Call. The player must place an Ante wager to start the game. They may decide to wager on the chance of a Pair plus too.

Each of these wagers pay out various odds depending on the hand that is dealt. Cards are dealt, face down for the dealer, face-up for the player. Should the player be happy with their hand and wish to call on the dealer to show their hand, they may “Call” in which case a wager equal to that of the Ante is place in the Call space.  Should the player not be happy with their hand, and wish not to call, they have the option to Fold which will not cost them the additional wager.

Perhaps here is pays to mention that players do need to know when to hold them and know where to fold them. So, if there is little value to the hand, and only “Highest Card” is shown, it is sometimes better not to throw good money after bad, and simply fold rather than lose more money. Winning hands are loosely based on traditional poker hands. For example Straight Flush, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush and Pair. The Pair Plush wager, also pays out pretty high stakes, so, makes a worthwhile side bet.


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Brandon Alveshire
Brandon Alveshire ● Posted on 2014-10-22 15:47

this game is real fun I whent all in and won 2389 in the final two

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