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Beaming Canines by Yggdrasil

About Beaming Canines

The word “Yggdrasil” is the Ash Tree of Life in Norse mythology, and is also the name of the developer of Beaming Canines. This developer is fast making a name for itself in the online gambling industry, and like other Swedish developers tends to deliver an excellent product. This particular product in the “other” category is not a slot or scratch card, but a sort of board and number game with a maximum jackpot prize of €50 000.00.

Special Features

Beaming Canines more than likely got its early beginnings in a Keno Board which has since been innovated upon. Basically a board filled with numbers is set in an Egyptian backdrop. It is delicately, and professionally illustrated, and is therefore a graphically sound game. Ambient sounds pick up the Egyptian theme, and at centre stage we find the image of an Egyptian death mask flanked by two Anubis hounds. Presumably these are the “Beaming Canines”.

Players are able to choose between four, eight and twelve lucky picks, at which point in time these numbers turn purple, and are circled on the board. They are then able to place best on whether these numbers will come up. Betting starts at 0.20 per number, and increases up to €50.00 which is the price we need to pay to get access to the maximum prize.

Once bets and picks have been chosen, the stage is set to play, and we click on the “Play” button which causes fireballs to shoot from the eyes of the Egyptian death mask. These balls of fire land in random places on the board, and if they land on one or more of the numbers we have chosen, we win. Twenty shots in total are fired, and during this time we are able to “level up” if the appropriate amount of numbers to trigger this feature has been reached.  

Level One of the “Beaming Canine” features sends bolts of light from the eyes of the Anubis dogs, and onto the board when we click “continue”.  Presumably the more chosen numbers that are hit, the more shots the Anubis release. However, this game presents a 96.7 to 97.0 % RTP, but we  cannot see how, and suggest that players read the rules carefully, as well as practice in demo mode first, to get some sort of feel for Beaming Canines. It is certainly a very good looking, professionally designed game. 

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