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Stars 'n Stripes

Stars 'n Stripes by saucify
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About Stars n Stripes

If a slot is going to be called Stars and Stripes, you know right away that it is going to be an American themed video slot. This Saucify developed game is exactly that. It does take a bit of time to load, and that isn’t always impressive, especially for what amounts to a simple classic slot machine game. So, what makes this classic American? Well, naturally, the eagle, the flags, and even the decoration of the 7s in this slot are all very much Uncle Sam. Don’t let Stars and Stripes’ colourful design fool you, though. It is still very much a classic slot, or as the Americans might call it, a one-armed bandit.

Wagering and pay-outs

Stars and Stripes is a 5-reel, single payline slot. That makes it exceptionally difficult to win, normally. Fortunately, there aren’t that many symbols on this reels of this game, and that makes it a mite easier. Stars and Stripes can see you choose coin values of 0.01 up to 1.00 in total, and bet as many as 2 coins per spin. At its cheapest then, the slot will cost you just 0.01 per spin, and its most expensive, just 2.00 per spin.

Any single eagle pays between 2-4 coins, depending on how many coins you have wagered. Any 3 bars, any 2 eagles, any 3 eagles, any 3 double bars, and any 3 triple bars are also worth yay-outs in this slot, being worth between 3 and 100 coins. You can bag a considerably larger 100, or 200 coin prize by landing 3 flag decorated sevens in this game.

It is also worth noting that the American flag (the appropriately named Stars and Stripes flag) is a wild in this classic slot. If it appears in a winning combination, it will double the winnings of that combination. If it appear twice in a combination, it will quadruple them.

Winning the jackpot

If you land all three American flags on the game’s single payline, then you will either the 800-coin jackpot, or the 1,600 coin jackpot, depending on whether you wagered 1 or 2 coins on your spin. Unlike the other wild combinations, you will not get multipliers for a triple wild combination.

Final thoughts

Stars and Stripes is fun for what it is, a classic slot machine game. It is also a nifty feature to have the wild incorporated. It is still a pretty big ask to expect to win much on this single payline classic slot, though.

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