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About Rock the Mouse

If you’re after one of the nuttiest, quirkiest online slot machines on the net – have you tried Rock the Mouse? This slot has been designed and developed by Games OS, and certainly fits the bill; if you like that sort of thing. Rock the Mouse is about three little mice (no, they aren’t blind), who are trying to become rock gods, with the help of a human guitarist. If you’re still with us, Rock the Mouse is a 3-reel, single payline classic slot. Players can quickly choose how many coins they would like to stake per spin, with 1 to 5 being the options. This will see your bet fluctuate from 0.50 per spin at its cheapest, up to 2.50 per spin at its highest.

Special Features

Given that Rock the Mouse is actually a classic slot, you probably aren’t expecting special features. Nonetheless, special features are present upon the reels. Firstly, there is the wild icon. That takes the shape of a bell, and can replace all other symbols, barring bonus icons.

There are two kinds of bonus icons in this slot, the first is the 7; more specifically, the blue seven icon. If a player catch a couple of 7 icons on the reels, then they will trigger a brief bonus game, where speed can see them pocket an instant win bonus. This is not easy to do though, since the player will have to stop the reels from spinning to land the sevens on the screen. That’s no small feat.

Bonus Feature

Rock the Mouse also contains another bonus game. To trigger that, players will need to pocket two cheese icons on the reels. Once the bonus round has been triggered, players will get to choose their own musical performer. After you have chosen your performer, a bonus cash prize relevant to that performer is paid out to the player. That bonus is multiplied by the number of coins you staked prior to the spin. For instance, if you played a 5 coin bet, your Cheese Lovers Orchestra bonus will be multiplied by 5x the value that appears on the screen.

Whilst Rock the Mouse has a somewhat appealing theme (to some of us), the bonus rounds in this game leave much to be desired. Fortunately, Rock the Mouse is cheap to play. This is the kind of slot which you can happily play for thirty minutes, perhaps an hour. However, after that time period has elapsed, you may start to question just what you are doing playing this slot (which features a lot of symbols for a single payline slot), when you could be placing the same amount of money in a slot which gives you a considerably better chance of success.


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