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Mexican Slots by GamesOS

About Mexican Slots

Mexican Slots is certainly not the most common slot machine game you will come across. This GamesOS developed slot features just 3 reels, and no special features. A basic and generic Mexican themed slot machine game, players will find the gameplay rather drab, and uninspiring. Coin values in this slot start out at just 0.10, and can rise as high as 5.00. At its cheapest, the Mexican Slots game will cost you 0.10 per spin. If you bet 3-coins per spin, you can wager as much as 15.00 per spin on this slot. Why you would want to stake this kind of slot which offers so little in return is baffling, though.


There is a serious problem here. GamesOS has decided to include nine standard paying symbols on the reels. There are only 3 reels and only 1-payline, though. What this means is that you don’t really have a very good chance of landing wins frequently.

Standard paying symbols include jalapeños, cacti, maracas, limes, tequila, guitars, llamas, sombrero wearing men, and women. These are nice and thematic, even if they are a bit predictable and stereotypical of all Mexican themed slots.

Players will find that they can pocket wins which range from 2 to 6 coins for the jalapeños and cacti. Wins range from 3 to 9 coins for maracas, and 4 to 12 coins for limes. Players can scoop wins worth between 10 and 30 coins for tequila symbols, 15 and 45 coins for guitars, and 20 and 60coins for llamas. The man symbols can see you pocket between 45 and 135 coins, whilst the woman is the best paying symbol in the slot. She can see you win between 500 and 3,000 coins, depending on whether you wager with 1, 2 or 3-coin bets. As a rule of thumb, the more coins you wager, the more you can expect to win with those symbols.

Final thoughts

There are several reasons why you shouldn’t really get too excited about the Mexican Slots game. The surplus of symbols makes it difficult to win, the game isn’t exactly cheap to play, and wins are by no means frequent. Players will also find that there are numerous other Mexican themed slot machine games out there (including other classic slots) which have far more to offer you than this title. Given that, it is exceptionally hard to find any good reason to praise the Mexican Slots game, too much.

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