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Joker Poker Video Poker by Playtech

Joker Poker Video Poker

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About Joker Poker

The Joker Poker game Playtech has released is rather quite a dashing and daring little game. It features two comical jokers standing either side of the pay-table, to give a little cheeky decoration to what otherwise amounts to a rather standard video poker game. Joker Poker has got a rather generous top prize of 5,000 coins to pay-out to you.

How to play

Like all video poker games, players are going to have to start placing bets before they can win on this game. Players have the choice of choosing coin values of 0.05 up to 5.00 per hand in this poker game. They can also bet anything from 1 to 5 coins per game. This will ultimately see players wager anything from a low of 0.05 per hand, up to a total of 25.00 per hand.

After your bets have been made, you will be given a total of 5 cards. From those five cards, you might decide which ones you wish to keep, and which ones you do not wish to. Players will have new cards dealt to them to replace all of the cards which they have discarded. Their final poker hand will then complete, and measured against the pay-table to see if it is worthy of a pay-out.

Players should note that - given the title of this video poker game - all jokers appearing in your hand will be considered wild, and can act as any card you wish them to be.

Hands and prizes

Because of the use of wildcards, players have a lot more hands open to them than they would normally find in a standard rules video poker game. Players can win with Kings or Better, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Straights, Flushes, a Full House, Four of a Kinds, Straight Flushes, Joker Royal Flushes, Five of a Kinds, and of course, Natural Royal Flushes. Although all other hands pay out between 1 coin and 1,000 coins, the Natural Royal Flush can see you win between 750 coins and 5,000 coins, depending on how many coins you staked per hand.

Final thoughts

Joker Poker certainly looks the part, but in all honesty, it isn’t really any different from the many other video pokers which you can find in the online casino world. The rules and gameplay are identical to other titles, and the wagering range isn’t that different, either.


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Chris Zeeck
Chris Zeeck ● Posted on 2017-03-13 14:36

Not bad! Game has a good graphics, I can recommend

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