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About Ride ‘M Poker  

As you probably would have guessed, Ride ’m poker is a variant of the traditional poker game. Developed by the team at Bet-Soft, there’s no need for any downloads before you can play this poker variant at online casinos. With the ability to play one, two or three hands at a time, the game bears some resemblance with the usual straight poker.

The gameplay is set against yourself which narrows the dealer’s role to dealing cards. The game also avails you the options of either letting your stakes ride or pass before the dealer turns over the cards in his possession. The goal of the game is straightforward: stake on the likelihood that the cards the dealer holds will give a winning hand. The bonus side bet gives players the chance to bag over twenty thousand in cash. You will need a pair of Tens or Better to bag any win.

Betting Options

The game comes with a fifty-two card deck with the option of playing up to three hands simultaneously. You start by placing wagers on the number of hands you want to play. However, if you just want to play one hand, then you can place wagers on one seat. If your wager is placed for one hand, then the cash will be divided into three piles.

After placing your wager, you have the option of either clearing your wagers (if you made an error) or deal, if you are happy with your wagers. Once you click deal, three cards facing up will be accorded to you while the dealer holds two cards facing down. But since you are playing against yourself, the cards held by the dealer are not cards playing against you.

Once you receive the cards, you can either pass or ride. If you opt for the former, then one out of three piles of the cash you wagered will be taken from your bet. But if you still have good faith in your hand and want to wager the entire amount then you can opt for the latter (i.e. click on ride).
The dealer then shows one of the cards in his possession which brings the number of revealed cards to four. Again, you also have the option to either pass or ride. if you choose to pass, one pile of the three piles of the cash you wagered will be depleted but if you choose to ride, then the dealer will reveal the second card he holds. Now you can see what hand the cards make. The amounts of money you win will be determined by the value of your hand.

Wins and Cash Prizes

  • The game’s payouts are as follows:
  • Royal Flush: One thousand to one
  • Straight Flush: Two hundred to one
  • Four-of-a-kind: Fifty to One
  • Full House: Eleven to One
  • Flush: Eight to one
  • Straight: Five to One
  • Three-of-a-kind: Three to One
  • Two Pairs: Two to One
  • Tens or Better: One to one


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