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About 3 Hand Blackjack

3 Hand Blackjack is a clever Blackjack game, which allows players to enjoy a new take on the traditional card game. 3 Hand Blackjack sees players wager on up to three hands at once, although if they wish, they can play with just a single hand, or two hands. This blackjack variant is not new, although its popularity has grown rapidly since it was introduced to the online gaming world.

At its cheapest, the game can cost players around about1.00 per hand, although the maximum bet that you can stake in 3 Hand Blackjack is generally around 500.00 per hand.

How to Play 3 Hand Blackjack

A player must place their chips in the marked areas on the table. Two cards will then be dealt to each hand the gamer chooses to play with. You can only see one of the dealer’s cards. The player may choose to hit or stand as in traditional blackjack, and like the original game they cannot go over 21. The objective is to beat the dealer’s hand with your cards.

Like all blackjack games, the numbered cards offer exactly the same points, whilst the face cards are all worth 10 points. Aces can be worth either 1 or 11 points, depending on what the player needs.

Insurance is available in 3 Hand Blackjack, and if it is taken the player can win a pay-out of 2:1. In this blackjack game, the dealer must stand on 17. If they acquire blackjack whilst playing, the player will pick up a pay-out which is worth 3:2. If there is a push, the player will have their bet returned to them.

Final Thoughts

This game is incredibly easy to play. 3 Hand Blackjack is actually no different than any other standard blackjack game, except that it allows the player to play with multiple hands. Wagering can sometimes be costly in this blackjack title, so it isn’t always going to be terribly popular with low-rolling players.

The pay-outs in this game are about standard forblackjack games, so they’ll be no grumbling from players on that front. It has a house edge which is roughly the same as any other blackjack games, too. However, given the often high wagering limits;3 Hand Blackjack is best suited to mid-rollers and high-rollers, or those players that can afford to play hand after hand.




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