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About King of Kings Slot

Steve Jobs once said, “I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.” For me I’ll trade all that contemporary society provides me for a chance to experience some of the world’s earliest civilizations (Just Kidding!). But there’s something about these times that make them so compelling. That’s the reason why relics that remain to this day have become some of the world’s sought after tourist destinations. Even more, these civilizations have also become the theme of a number of video slot games, one of which is King of Kings, an epic video slot from Relax Gaming based on an Egyptian theme.

King of Kings brings you into the upper strata of ancient Egyptian society via a three by five-reel slot graced with jewels, deities as well as the monarch himself, the Pharaoh. But perhaps the most intriguing part of the game is the rewards it holds for passionate gamers. The collection of wild, scatter and jackpot symbols make it a gamer’s goldmine.

Special Features

If you are conversant with ancient Egyptian civilization, then you should be able to guess some of the features used in the game. Some of these features are relics from that era such as the pyramid and marble pillar as well as others that still maintain relevance to this day like the Nile and palm trees. Other symbols used in the game include the cat god Bastet, the bird god Horus and the jackal god Anubis. As expected, the Pharaoh is the highest paying symbol.  You stand a chance of winning 2x, 10x, 50x or even 200x your stake by landing two, three, four or five of these symbols.

Bonus Features

King of Kings comes with a unique set of bonus symbols. First, there’s the golden ankh which doubles as the wild and scatter and rewards you anywhere from 2x to 1000x your stake if you land two to five of these. Then there’s the bonus re-spin feature that gets activated when two ankh cross wilds combine, one of which is selected to be a unique bonus symbol.

There’s also the free spins feature which is activated whenever you land three or more wilds on the same spin, this will allow you play up to ten free spins. Then the biggest of all is the jackpot feature which comes with a max win of 5000x your stake per spin.


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