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Dragons Luck by Red Tiger Gaming

Dragons Luck

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About Dragons Luck

China is always seen as a place of mystery and luck as the people of this country can be quite superstitious. Take a trip to this land and may you find fortune and riches. This game by Red Tiger Gaming has plenty to offer in terms of features and the like. Unlike western dragons, which are usually a bad omen, the dragons in the eastern cultures are signs of prosperity. These dragons are your guides to great fortune in this game.

Special Features

There are five reels and ten pay lines which can pay out from left to right, right to left or even in the middle. Red Tiger Gaming has a working formula for all their games in their portfolio and this is no different as it has many features to draw in players. Its sleek design is based on a Chinese temple with two dragon pillars framing either side of the reels and a soundtrack that immerses you in the experience.

Koi carps, lotus flowers, china dolls and coins with the number 138 on it are the higher paying symbols in the game as well as the card symbols from ten to ace.

Bonus Features

Sometimes, players can enjoy slot games because of the features they have to offer. Dragons Luck features a few dragons that can guide you on your journey to prosperity in this game like the two dragons on either side of the reels. They will come alive and breathe fire on some of the symbols to transform them into what you’ll hope is a better winning combination.

The dragon coins are the symbols you need to keep an eye out for; sometimes they are what you need to change your chances of winning. They reveal secrets and could potentially reveal a secret symbol that you might need for a better pay out. Sometimes, they will flip over once or twice to reveal what symbols are hiding behind them. There mega version of this is the 3x3 version which, if it falls nicely within the reels can guarantee a better winning combination.

The coin with the number 138 written on it is the key to bump up your wager 1380 times. It’s just a matter of luck; the reels need to be filled with these coins in order to do so. With a bit of patience and luck, it will be worth the wait.


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