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About Arctic Madness Slot

Arctic Madness comes from Pari Play with is a lotto-like game developer. It is a simple game that is a little like a cross between a slot machine and a scratchie, and is a great deal of fun to play. It also is a low stakes game that has a mahoosive potential £100 000 jackpot prize up for grabs.  It offers three reels and five lines.

Special Features

The cuteness of this little slot game is barely overshadowed by the size of the prize that is up for grabs. It is basically a three reel game that has been set into a cold sea sort of backdrop, where before we hit “Play” sharks circle in the water. A three by three grid of ice-blocks drops down into the frame in the reels, and each ice-block contains different characters frozen into the blocks.  They are all different colours and while some appear to be rather worried, others are chilled.

Pay-lines are fixed at five, and betting starts at 0.10. This may be increased in increments, up to a top bet of 10.00, which makes the maximum wager £50.00. After choosing a bet level and clicking play, the ice blocks drop into place, and if they match across the lines, not only do we win, but the block explode and characters are tossed into the shark infested waters.

Lines match both horizontally and diagonally, but sadly not vertically. Suppose we cannot have everything our own way. We also have the opportunity to win more than once for one wager. When a winning combination occurs the ice-blocks explode, characters go into the water, and more block drop down to take their place, if this chances to create another winning combination, then the player keeps winning. It stops when the winning stops and we click on play once again for a fresh board of randomly chosen characters frozen in ice cubes. A wild icon also helps us to create even more winning opportunities.

Bonus Features

There is a bonus game features in Arctic Madness, and this is triggered by three gift wrapped boxes marrying up on a pay-line. Unfortunately we were unable to get into the bonus feature. But there is one thing we feel we must mention, we can out of playing for a cool half an hour, having won more than we lost.  It is a very cool little slot and no pun is intended. 


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