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About Tens Or Better

This video poker game is similar to the more familiar Jacks or Better, but it pays off if you get at least a pair of 10's. In exchange for that extra return, the payoffs are lower for some other hands, such as a Flush, which only returns 5 coins, and a Full House, which only returns 6 coins. You'll be collecting more often in this game, but you won't be collecting as much.

Tens Or Better also has a Doubling game you can play after you've had a win. You can also play as many as four hands every time you deal the cards.

Special Features

With a pair of 10's considered a winning hand in this game, the strategy for Tens or Better is a little different than it would be for Jacks or Better. Not just because you win with a pair of 10's, but other hands become more valuable.

If you were playing Jacks or Better and your first five cards included a 9, 10 and Jack that wsere suited, you would likely discard the 9 and 10. But in Tens Or Better, those cards give you a chance not just to get a Straight or a Flush (not to mention a Straight Flush) but you also have two cards-the Ten and the Jack-that can give you a return if they should be paired.


You should set your strategy for this-or any video poker game-based on the pay table. Tens or Better puts the emphasis on frequent wins, rather than big wins. That's not to say that you shouldn't go for a Straight Flush or Royal Flush when you have the chance, but you should not throw away a high pair to go after either a Straight or a Flush. The low returns for those hands does not justify the risk.

Special Bonus Features

The  more coins you play in Tens Or Better, the better return you will get if a Royal Flush comes in. That best of all possible hands pays 500-1 if you bet one or two coins. You will get more value if you play at least three coins. If you get a Royal Flush for that size bet, the  payoff is 667-1. A bet of four coins has an even higher return of 750-1. The best value is for five coins, which pays 800-1.


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