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Joker Wild by NetEntertainment

About Joker’s Wild

Joker’s Wild is a pretty enjoyable video poker game, and one which has been designed and developed by Net Entertainment. The game isn’t very challenging, but that’s kind of what you want from video poker games. Players have the option of playing with multiple poker hands (up to 25 hands in all), and the number of winning combinations of hands is enlarged, due to the use of wilds. Graphically, there might not be too much to write home about - especially when compared to Net ENt’s range of online slots - but there are enough niceties about the Joker’s WIld video poker game to make players appreciate it, and enjoy playing it.

How to play

Joker’s Wild features a very customisable wagering menu bar. For instance, players are going to have total control over how they set up their bets. They can choose how many hands they wish to play with, as well as the betting level, and value of their coins.

Coin sizes of 0.01 up to 0.50 can be selected, and players are at liberty to bet as many as 5 of those per hand. Depending on the above information, and the number of hands you are playing with, you will find that your wager will vary from 0.10 per single hand game, up to 62.50 for a 25-hand game with the maximum wager.

After the wager is made, the player will be dealt a base hand of 5 cards. They must then choose which cards to keep, and which to discard. If they are playing with multiple hands, any cards they keep will be transported over to their other hands. Replacement cards, then fill in those which have been discarded, to form your final poker hand. Naturally - as the title suggests - jokers are wild in this game, and count for anything.

Wagering and prizes

The amount you can win seldom ever changes, though. A final poker hand is measured against the game’s paytable to see if there is a winner. Winning hands include Kings or Better, Two Pair, Three of a Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush, Royal Straight Flush, Five of a Kind, and Natural Royal Flush. The latter is the best paying hand in the game, and when played with 5 coins can see you win up to 4,000 coins.

Final thoughts

There are decent pay-outs in this game. A gamble feature has been included, allowing you to gamble and potentially double up your winnings if you wish. What you have here is a run-of-the-mill video poker game, but ultimately a rather enjoyable one.

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