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Deuces Wild Video Poker

Openbet software is a leader in the development of games in the gambling genre. This company was established in 1996, basically eve since online gambling first got started, and they partner with many big name casinos Globally. They are the designer that is responsible for this version of Deuces Wild video poker, and it is powered through the famous Paddy Power games. There is a top jackpot prize of a n eight-hundred time multiplier on wager available, which is a pretty awesome prize.

Special Features

Being a developer that has advanced through the history of online gambling, this experience, as well as history reflects remarkable in this game. It features lovely graphics, and a deck of cards that have been designed in sort of a Celtic theme.  It is a multi-hand version of Deuces Wild, which means that more than one hand can be played simultaneously, and these versions have become extremely popular over recent years.

Between one and twenty hands can be played, and the amount can be chosen by the player adding one hand at a time. Auto-hold may be switched on or off, depending on the players’ needs. There is no auto-play feature.

Poker hands in this game are very much like traditional poker hands, however, winning only commences when the player has three of a kind. This is quite simply due to the fact that there is a wild card in the mix that substitutes for all other cards. The wild is obviously a deuce, as can be seen in the name of the game.

Betting takes place between 0.01 and 10.00 a pop, and increases the more hands are played. For example a maximum bet of 10.00 on one hand is just that. But when twenty hands are played, this wager becomes 200.00. We played a 200.00 wager over twenty hands to see what would happen, and won 140.00, so the wager cost us more than the win, but one can see that with a good hand, the player could really win big.

Bonus Features

The bonus game is a gambling game that is a “double your money or lose it all game”. Whether this is a bonus or not, depends entirely on how each player sees it. We just see it as more temptation for risk, but for the sake of the review, have wagered our 140.00 winning.  We are asked to click on a face-down card that is higher in value than the card shown face up. Our face-up card is unfortunately a queen, so this will be a hard one to win. After clicking on a three, we lost all of our money.



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Sharon Sisson ● Posted on 2018-01-27 17:05

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