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About American Roulette

How many classic novels, movie shows, TV series, and other forms of contemporary entertainment, have made the roulette wheel a main protagonist in their production? Many! While European Roulette was designed hundreds of years ago, it soon came to the shores of the USA where they made it just a little bit more their own. You know how the Americans are – when you have something good – tweak it and make it better.

Whether or not this version of the game is better with its two slots for zeros “0” and “00” is only important in the mind of the player. But this particular version from the Playtech software stable has definitely got our vote.


While the ‘0’ and ‘00’ number slots do not relate to any of the bet categories, it does make playing the game more of a risk, and this is what many gamblers enjoy. The thrill of not knowing if they will win or not against a slightly stronger house!

This version is a real winner in terms of its visual appeal, and is the standard version, played to the rules we would be sure to find in any Las Vegas Casino. It features a snazzy backdrop, jazzy music, and offers a vibrant, virtual roulette experience. Chips range from ……but the really nice thing is that the games can be played for free first. Take advantage of this benefit, and get to know the game first without risking any hard earned funds. 

What is very, very nice is an extremely flexible chip bet range, one of the most flexible we have seen by far. Chips start at only 0.01 a pop, and the top chip is 25.00, with a maximum wager of 100.00. Perhaps this does not seem to be too appealing to the high roller, but what it really will appeal to is those players who believe that roulette is too rich for their blood.


While many claim to be able to offer fans of roulette - sure fire strategies for winning, nothing could be further from the truth. This is a completely random number game where no player is able to predict exactly in which slot the ball will fall. Good bankroll management is essential, as well as sensible betting choices. Used together, both of these strategies offer the player the chance to have the most fun.

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