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About 3D Roullette

The producers of online gaming software are continuously trying to make their casino presentations as realistic as possible and Playtech Gaming has succeeded with their creation of “3D Roulette.” This very realistic and entertaining game is available at a number of leading internet casinos.

The presentation in 3D Roulette not only has the look of a live game, but all of the sounds as well. There's a very good chance you might like this version better than the game played inside a brick and mortar casino. No strangers will be screaming in your ear and you don't have to worry about someone spilling their drink on you. You can concentrate on playing the game and trying to win money.


Everything you expect to see at a Roulette table can be found in 3D Roulette. Any information you need to know is clearly visible on the screen, including the minimum and maximum bets allowed in the game..

It's easy to make your wagers at a 3D Roulette table. All the betting possibilities are marked clearly on the felt. It's also easy for you to repeat your bets on each spin, if that's your desire.

The wheel sits at the top of the table above the betting layout. There is a simulated croupier, though his only role is to go through the motions as if he is launching the ball.

After each spin is completed, the winning number is easy to see and the results of your wagers are also displayed on the screen prominently.


The standard rules of Roulette are also used in 3D Roulette, with all the same betting possibilities. Ov course you can bet numbers, colors or columns as well as rows or sections of the wheel. There is both a 3D version of American Roulette as well as one of European Roulette, which has slightly different rules and slightly better odds for the players.

Special Features

One of the advantages of playing 3D Roulette is the close view of the spin. If you're in a land-based casino and you put your head over the wheel to get a good look at the ball, you're likely to get an unfriendly response. But in 3D Roulette, you're provided with an up-close look at the action. A segment of the screen shows the ball moving past the numbers on the wheel until it settles into its final spot.


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