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About Holiday Cash

Admittedly, playing Holiday Cash is always going to feel more special in the summer, when you are actually planning on going on vacation. Still, this Yggdrasil developed instant win and scratch card game is playable throughout the year. The backdrop for this online scratch card is a tropical beach – what else, right? As with all online scratch cards, your goal is to match symbols to win prizes. A total of 24 different ways are possible to win the top prize of 5,000 in this instant win game.

Special Features

Holiday Cash is one of Yggdrasil’s cheaper online scratch cards. The most that you are ever going to have to pay to play this instant win game is just 0.50 per card. Naturally, the top prize is less than some other games, but there’s still plenty of cash to win.

Before you can stand any chance of winning, though, you must place a bet. After you have done that, you can start by clicking on the winning number icons to reveal those. Then, click on each symbols to start revealing the numbers that are on your card. The better the symbols that you match, the more you will win in this scratch card. If prefer faster gameplay, then a reveal all button is available in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. This will reveal all of the symbols in one go.

Bonus Features

If players are fortunate enough to land the palm tree paradise icon behind the windows, then they will instantly pocket a cash prize of 2.00. There is a better bonus icon to be had, though. If you were to locate the X looking symbol, then you will pocket wins on all of your numbers. Imagine what that could do for you bank balance?

The only other feature in this game is the ability to change cards. This doesn’t really serve any purpose, though. Since you don’t know what is behind the windows on your card, you won’t have idea what you can win in the first place. Still, if you wish to change your card, just clicking on the change tickets icon will allow you to do so. From there, you’ll be able to pick which ticket you wish to play with. Personally, we wouldn’t do it. You could just be tempting fate to hand you a bum card, instead of the winning one that you may originally have had.


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