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About Cash Cuisine

Cash Cuisine is a delicious looking online scratch card game. This title uses hidden dishes underneath platter covers to conceal its big money wins. The delightful instant win game is also slightly animated, which gives it a sharper look. The most obvious thing about this game – that which will lure players the most – it is appealing 100,000 credit jackpot.

How to play

You can play the Cash Cuisine scratch card in much the same manner as any other online scratch card or instant win game. After your bet has been placed, the player can click on the platter covers, to reveal food hidden underneath them. As you can see from the pay-table at the top of the screen, your objective is to match three of the same dishes, to win the respective cash prize it offers. Just like any other scratch card, Cash Cuisine is a case of match and win.

Wagering and prizes

But what can you win, and how much is a card? Cash Cuisine can cost as little as 0.10 per card to play. On the other hand, if you’ve got money to spare, why not bet as much as 10.00 per card to play?

In terms of what you can win, there are several food-related icons to assist you. The sandwich is worth 1x your bet, whilst the ice cream and lasagne can see you pocket wins of 2x and 5x your bet. Players who land hotdogs or soup can pocket wins of 10x or 50x their bet, respectively. You can win 100x your bet for the cake, whilst the meatballs can see you win 200x your bet. Players can win 1,000x your bet for the pizza, whilst three of the chicken icons will see them win 10,000x their bet. Ideally, you’ll want to line up three of chicken icons then, won’t you?

Final thoughts

Even though casino cuisine is a basic instant win game, you do tend to have a favourable experience playing it. You win fairly frequently, the images in the scratch card are very much in tune with the theme of the instant win game, and there are plenty of images to win decent cash with. The pay-outs themselves are worth far in excess of what you will wager. All in all then, the Cash Cuisine scratch card is really worth a look, even if you don’t normally like scratch cards per se.


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