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Blackjack (5 hand mode) by Playtech

Blackjack (5 hand mode)

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Blackjack 5 Hand Mode Review

About Blackjack 5 Hand Mode

For those of you who want more action in your online card playing, Playtech has created Blackjack 5 Hand Mode for internet play. You don't have to play all five hands, but there is no reason to play this format unless you want all of that extra gambling. As with most recent variations to the game, this version of Blackjack offers the chance to play for higher stakes and larger returns.

Special Features

The rules of the 5 Hand Mode version of Blackjack are basically the same as the regular game. When you're playing this variation at an online casino, you are the only one at the simulated table. You can decide how many of the five hands you want to play and how much you want to wager on each of the hands. You don't have to bet the same amount on each hand.

Betting Strategies

The advantage to this type of game is that you can, with five hands, win quite a bit in each game. If you get five good hands and the Dealer is weak, you can collect a lot at one time, especially if you have been able to double down or split your cards. However, you can only split each one of your hands once and you cannot re-double after you've split.

Special Rules

Some of the rules changes for Blackjack 5 Hand Mode are favourable to the House. For example, you cannot Surrender any of your cards. Surrender would have been a real advantage for the player in this format, since he could minimize his losses on his weak hands while possibly increasing the size of his bets (with doubling or splitting) on his best hands.

Though you can't Surrender, you can still buy Insurance. However, this game has a “No peeking rule,” which can be very unfriendly to the player. When you're playing under normal rules, the dealer will always peek under his up card if he has a 10 showing. If he has an Ace, he will turn over the card and everybody will lose other than the players who also have Blackjack. But with no peeking in Blackjack 5 Hand Mode, the player could add several bets to his original Ante. If the Dealer then turns over a Blackjack, all those extra bets will be lost along with the Antes.


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Zeeck Chris
Zeeck Chris ● Posted on 2017-04-14 09:27

The ability to play with five players at once is superb! Really good graphics and the speed of game. Playtech is the best as always

Johnny Johnson
Johnny Johnson ● Posted on 2016-06-18 00:35

nice graphics

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