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Eggstravaganza by Rival

About Eggstravaganza

Eggstravaganza is a video slot which is quite unusual in design, and is ideally suited for players who love a bit of Easter slot gaming. This is a Rival Gaming developed slot, and one which features 3 reels, with just 2 symbols appearing on each reel. There is just one central payline, running through those reels. Eggstravaganza will permit players to select coin values which stem from a low of 0.01 up to a high of 10.00. You may also stake as many as 3 coins per spin on this game. Naturally, the more coins you wager per spin, the larger your winnings will be. At its cheapest, Eggstravaganza can cost just 0.01 per spin. At its most expensive, you will find that this classic slot can set you back no more than 30.00 per spin.

Symbols and pay-outs

Eggstravaganza features a large quantity of symbols. This isn’t so good if you are hoping for frequent wins. It is notoriously difficult to land 3 of a kind combinations on the reels of a classic slot with so many symbols.

For the standard paying eggs, players will notice that wins vary from 2 to 100 coins for single coin bets. Double coin bets can see you win 4 to 200 coins for a winning combination. Bet with all three coins and you can win anything from 6 to 300 coins, with all standard paying combinations.

Winning the jackpot

The non-progressive jackpot in Eggstravaganza varies, depending on how much you have staked. The same is true of all winning combination pay-outs. The most you can win is 2,500 coins, which you will get if you land the Easter egg cluster on the payline with a 3-coin bet. Do so with a 2-coin bet, and you will only win 1,500 coins. That is halved again to just 750 coins, if you bag the jackpot paying combination with a single-coin bet.

Final thoughts

There is nothing inherently spectacular about Eggstravaganza. In fact, the game is quite difficult to land big wins on. Your average run of the mill classic slot is challenging enough, and they often contain 3 symbol spots on the reels. This classic slot just has the two. You are going to have to fight hard to pull off a big win, and that, perhaps, is something which might put a lot of players off giving Eggstravaganza a run for its money.

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