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About Casino Hold ‘em

This version of Casino Hold ‘em which is a name in the public domain, is brought to us by Oryx Gaming. We see the name Oryx come up quite regularly these days, and they are becoming more prolific with designs for online gaming opportunities. They are a turnkey casino solution which develops highly immersive slots, card games, video poker and more. Their mission statement is “Born to Play”, and quite frankly we could not agree more with this sentiment.

Special Features

There is a big difference between a casino poker game and a traditional game of poker. In the traditional form of this game, the players bet against one-another, and the dealer takes a rake and just deals. In Casino poker games, the player plays against the house, which is essentially the dealer, and is not competing against other players. This version of Casino Hold ‘em is just such a game.

Poker just happens to be one of the most played of all card games, not only in the USA, but all over the world. Hold ‘em comes from Texas Hold ‘em, which is also one of the most widely played versions of poker. This game in its “Casino” format was made to entertain and it does.

It is a community version of poker where two face-up cards are dealt to the player, two face-down to the dealer, and three community cards in the centre of the table. The dealer must qualify with a hand of a pair of fours or better, while the does not need to. When the three centre cards are turned face up, players may call or fold. If the fold they lose an ante bet, if they Callthen double the ante wager is placed in the Call space, and another two community cards are dealt to the centre of the table. Thereafter both the dealer and the player see which is the better-hand. Using their own two cards as well as the five community cards in the centre of the table.

As well as the Ante and Call wager, bets may be place on whether the player believe they may have a pair of Aces or better in their hand. Wagers start at $1.00, and this table limit is $25.00. Chips are in one, two, three, five, and ten dollar denominations, and Oryx allows around (€£$)6000 worth of chips for demo play.


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