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About Blackjack Cashout

This is a new and quite exciting version of blackjack that gives you a very interesting alternative bet with every hand. It was created by Cayetano Gaming and at the moment, it is available exclusively at Paddy Power online casino.

The new feature is reminiscent of a game that has a surrender option. But in Blackjack Cashout, you can do more than just cut your potential losses, which is what you do when you surrender. You can also guarantee a victory.

Rules of Blackjack Cashout

This version of blackjack is played with most of the classic rules. You’re still dealt two cards and so is the dealer, with one hidden. However, at that point, the game changes dramatically. Not only do you have the usual options of hit or stand, but you have the opportunity to cash out.

You will see a cash out amount listed to the left of your other options.  If you are in a favourable position at that point, with say a 19 showing against the Dealer’s 6, the Cashout amount will be quite high, though not as high as the 1-1 return you get if you play out the hand and win. However, if you choose the Cashout option at that point, you’ve guaranteed yourself a profit. You will not be beaten by the Dealer miraculously drawing out to 20 or 21.

There are other times when the Cashout option is not as generous. For example, if you’re in bad shape with a 16 and the Dealer is showing a 10 or an Ace, you will get a very low Cashout amount. When a game has a Surrender option, you can always get back half of your bet in that situation, but in Blackjack Cashout, you will be offered less than that. However, it might still be your best option.

If you prefer, you can just ignore the special feature of Cashout Blackjack. You can play the game in the normal manner, with all of the usual options of hit, stand, insurance, double and split. But the Cashout feature of this game adds a great deal of strategy for the player.

Also adding to the drama of this variation is that you can play as many as three hands at a time, which can give you several more strategic decisions.

If you want to try this fascinating version of the game, you can play it for free at:



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Zeeck Chris
Zeeck Chris ● Posted on 2017-05-18 13:05

This game looks amazing!

Mike Cruel
Mike Cruel ● Posted on 2017-04-05 11:17

I like the option to play three players at once, and many thanks for the demo. Game is suoerb!

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