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Closed Casino

Closed Casino

Pocketdice Review

Pocket Dice is not so much an online casino, as a bitcoin casino game. It all centres on one simple dice based game, which is relatively simple to play. You can play Pocket Dice in English, Russian, or Japanese, but understandably, the only currency you can play in is bitcoins.

This site does require players to sign up and create an account, so unlike many other bitcoin gaming sites, it does not allow total anonymity. Moreover, there have been a few issues with Pocket Dice which are worth mentioning.

Pocket Dice is a sister-site of BTC Casino and both of those have been blacklisted by many major casino review websites, and fair gaming specialists. Generally speaking, bitcoin casinos and games are favoured because they offer quicker returns when it comes to withdrawals, and they rank amongst the best in terms of privacy. However, Pocket Dice doesn’t seem to fit those reels. It takes a very long time to pay-out, and many players have reported not being paid out at all. They are also wholly unprofessional when it comes to offering service. Many players requests go unheard. Despite many complaints, the casino has done very little (if anything at all) to rectify the problem.

Given what we know of this situation, we cannot advise you to play Pocket Dice, or play games at its sister site, BTC Casino.

Games at Pocket Dice

As we’ve said, Pocket Dice only contains one game, and in this game, players can choose a total from 2 up to 12. A bet is then made, and players must choose over 2, or under 12. Two dice are then rolled, and the bets will be paid out based on the decisions the player made prior to the roll of the dice. Ties will see you lose your money.

This is a very simple game, and it is one which can be found all across the internet. The perk of this is that you don’t necessarily have to play at it at this somewhat negative, and dodgy bitcoin casino site. You do have plenty of other options open to you.

Of course, if you wish to play the game anyway, we can’t stop you. However, Pocket Dice is just one of many dice games which are regularly offered at other bitcoin casinos, so take your time and think about it before you decide to play at Pocket Dice.


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